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"Ask Ardelle"

Here are some  FAQ 's Ardelle has fielded. If you have a question that isn't listed here, please feel free to speed an  E-Mail  on its way.
Our FAQ for our transgender shoppers can be found here.
How do I determine my correct bra size?
Why does my bra ride up on my back?
Why does my bra droop in the front?
How soon will my item be shipped?
What happens if the item I order is not available?
What do I do if the item doesn't fit?
Ardelle, I have a problem with the straps slipping off of my shoulder. My shoulders are a bit slanted, is there anything I can do about this?

  If your bra rides up your back...

Your bra is too large around.
Go down one size around, and up in the cup one size.
Example: go from a 38B to a 36C

  If your bra droops in the front...

You need to tighten the bra straps.
Your breast should ride half way between your shoulder and elbow.

  If your bra straps slip off your shoulder...

A bra should be hooked in the middle hook when fastened for a perfect fit. This will align the shoulder straps properly. If you have slanted shoulders there are shoulder pads & back straps available to purchase to help with this problem. Both of these items hold the bra straps in place. Also wearing a T-Back bra or a front hook posture bra prevents the straps from falling off the shoulders.

How soon will my item be Shipped?

If the item is in stock it will be mailed the next day. You should receive it within 4-7 days. If the item has to be special ordered it will be 10-15 days.

What happens if the item I order is not available?

You may call customer service 1-775-324-3332 to see if an item is in stock. If your item is o.b. you will receive an email on the status.

What do I do if the item doesn't fit?

You can call customer service to receive an RMA# to return the item immediately for an exchange. We do not refund any item, only exchanges. Exchanges will be charged shipping.

Determining your  correct  bra size.
[Step One Picture] Step 1:   With your bra on, pull shoulder straps up so breast is half way between shoulder and elbow.
Step 2:   With bra in place, useing a measuring tape. Measure under breast, around rib cage. Take that number and add four inches, this will give you your size around...example(34,36,38,40 etc...) [Step Two Picture]
[Step Three Picture] Step 3:   With bra still in place, measure all the way around over the top of your breast. Now subtract your rib cage measurement from the total top measurement. For every two inches go up a cup size.
Example: Rib cage measurement = 36 add the four = 40
Breast measurement = 46 .. leaving a difference of six.
You wear a 40 around and
2 inches = A
4 inches = B
6 inches = C
8 inches = D


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